A look at the Honeywell RTH6350 Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell RTH6350 is a 5-2 thermostat that offers a good compromise between the excellent functionality found on Honeywell thermostats while being much cheaper than such models and the RTH7600D and the RTH8500D. For those people who are bit concerned that they won’t be able to program a digital thermostat and only need a minimal programming capacity the Honeywell RTH6350 is a good option.

The thermostat is a 5+2 thermostat. This means you can set up one program to control the heating and cooling for weekdays and another for the weekend. Each program is divided into 4 periods – wake, leave, return and sleep. The aim for programmable thermostats is to improve energy efficiency. The Honeywell RTH6350 can only do this for people with very regular schedules.

The best thing about the Honeywell RTH6350 5-2 Programmable Thermostat is that it can be installed in just 15 minutes. It can also be programmed in just a matter of minutes thanks to its easy-to-follow menu options that even the most technophobic people can understand. Reviews of the Honeywell RTH6350 comment on this.

Another good thing about this thermostat is that it can be made to regulate most heating and cooling systems including 2-stage heating and cooling systems and heat pumps with or without auxiliary heat. This is better compatibility than many other cheap thermostats on the market.

The other common comment in reviews of the thermostat is that contrary to what the Honeywell website states it doesn’t have auto change-over. This is a function useful for those who live in areas where heating and cooling may be required in the same day.

The Honeywell RTH6350 does include a temporary hold button; armchair programming; a back lit digital display; and smart response. The latter function makes sure the house is comfortable for the times you wake up or return from work.

As with other Honeywell thermostats the RTH6350 keeps its settings even after a power outage. It doesn’t, however, have a battery change warning or a filter change warning.

Overall, the Honeywell RTH6350 at just under $50 is good value. It holds the room temperature accurately to within 1 degree of the set point temperature. It comes with a one year warranty and if your schedule tends to be similar from day to day it can save you 30% on heating and cooling bills. If you are looking for a more powerful thermostat then the Honeywell RTH8500D or the Lux Products TX9100E might be more suitable.

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