The Useful Aluminum Patio Cover

There are literally dozens of different styles patio covers on the market and these are made of several different materials. Many DIYers are finding out that the best all around choice is aluminum patio covers. There are a number of great reasons for this. Patio covers come in three classes of materials. synthetics, and metals.

Of the synthetic materials include things like acrylic plastic, fiberglass and several others. While inexpensive and light these materials are not very sturdy and will only last a few years. This means that while you will save money on your initial purchase you will spend even more money replacing your patio cover. Wooden patio covers will last a lot longer and come in several different types of wood, from inexpensive pine to sturdy oak. Wood has to be carefully tended however and will eventually pick up problems l like rot from dampness and insect infestations. Wood needs to be painted at least one time a year to be kept into the best shape.

Finally there are metal patio covers. There are three metals used. Tin is the least expensive but, while stronger than synthetics, will still wear rapidly and is highly subject to rust and corrosion. An aluminum patio cover on the other hand is slightly more expensive but is a great deal lighter. While it is not impervious to rust and corrosion is it very resistant. If you keep aluminum painted and cared for it will last a great number of years. An aluminum patio cover is nearly as strong as the last choice, steel, but steel is a great deal sturdier. If you live in an area that has a great deal of snow and ice a steel patio cover might be a better idea. Aluminum is strong but might not resist a great amount of weight.

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