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Interior Painting Tips and Tricks

Tired of the same old space? You can splurge for a new house or new furniture and treatments. However by taking a weekend off to paint the space, you can save money and get an entirely new room that you… Continue reading

Eiffel Tower Wall Decals and Placement

Wall decals can be charming or awful, depending on how you use them. One of the most important aspects of any room design is placement of various objects. Decals fall under this rule too and if place in the right… Continue reading

Prepping For Your Home Painting Estimate

Now that you’ve decided to transform your home with a new paint job, the first step should be getting a home painting estimate. Your time is valuable, and for many, time wasted is a pet peeve. CertaPro Painters offers… Continue reading

KAS Rugs And Capel Rugs – Looking For The Right Kind of Rug

It is quite common to find homes and offices with rugs on the floor. Some wonder why people prefer to have rugs on the floor, and many of them quite do not get it. There can be several reasons why… Continue reading

How to Add Finishing Touches To Your Home Furnishing

Once you have bought a home and furnish it completely, you need to add home decor accessories to your existing furniture to enhance the beauty of your entire home by adding accessories such as plants, vases, wall hangings, candle holders,… Continue reading

Color Studies in Scarlet and Navy and Plum and Peach

No where in nature is there a more dramatic chaos of color than in the Fall. Spring is sweet, Summer is sultry, and Winter is, well, white. Then there’s Fall. Look out your window and bask in the sumptuous color… Continue reading

5 Ways To Make Your Own Wall Decor

The most rewarding crafts often come from personalized simple projects. It’s easy to spend a fortune when decorating a room, but there are simple and easy ways to create your own decor on a budget, or even using things you… Continue reading

Attic Conversions into Living Space

Is your family getting bigger? Are the kids growing and need their won space in the house? Or maybe, you need a private space in the house yourself. Attic conversions living space is all you need to provide another functional… Continue reading

Awesome Ideas For Your Outdoor Rug Options

An outdoor rug is a beautiful addition to your home’s outside area. Most Americans tend to think that it is only the inside area that needs to be beautified, but what they don’t know is that keeping one’s outside area… Continue reading

Chaise Cushions for Outdoor Style

There are a number of ways to grace your outdoors with style and sophistication and one would be decorating your pool vicinity with chaise lounge cushions that are of the same beautiful shade, as the rest of your outdoor furniture.… Continue reading