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Yard Ponds Can Add Flair To Landscaping

There are many reasons to add yard ponds to landscaping, but the most common is to have something really unique as part of the landscaping around the home. They can be as big or small as the homeowners wants, and… Continue reading

Waterfall Ponds to Beautify Your Landscape

Adding a pond to your outdoor landscaping can not only be a beautiful addition, but it adds value to your home as well. If you install waterfall ponds on your property, it will be even more dazzling to visitors and… Continue reading

Water Ponds: Not Necessarily A Redundancy

Unfortunately, no one from the interior design and gardening world ever gets its terms approved by an English major. We could then point out the “water ponds” is just a tad redundant. Do you really need the “water” part? Isn’t… Continue reading

Steps For Building Water Garden Ponds

When dressing up a part of the yard, water garden ponds can be an attractive project to install and they also will provide an open invitation to many form of wildlife. You can buy a preformed pond shell or make… Continue reading

Making Unique Ponds: Duck Ponds

If you are looking to specifically make a duck pond, good luck finding information specifically about making and maintaining duck ponds. Now, if you wanted fish ponds or Zen water ponds, you’d be in luck. There’s more information… Continue reading

Why Bother With Ultra Violet Lights For Ponds?

Ponds have gotten along for millennia without the assistance of ultra violet lights, so why should the modern pond keeper bother with them? Well, ponds don’t have to put up with the crap they have to now as opposed to… Continue reading

Turtle Ponds Serve As Pets’ Summer Home

Some people are simply amazed by turtles, the creatures that crawl on the ground and swim in the water while carrying their house on their back. In fact, some are so taken by them that they have them for pets… Continue reading

How Small Can Small Garden Ponds Be?

The definition of a pond in my Funk & Wagnalls is, “A body of water smaller than a lake”. Technically, from that definition, a glass of water is a pond. But for the purposes of beautifying the garden and helping… Continue reading

Using Pre Formed Ponds Makes Landscaping Easier

Possibly the easiest method of building a pond in the yard is to dig a hole, lay in some plastic sheeting and fill it with water. The pond will take the shape of the hole and may not be provide… Continue reading

Enjoying the Outdoors With Ponds and Waterfalls

Ponds and waterfalls are a beautiful addition to any property. Ponds and waterfalls can be especially beautiful when you incorporate your garden with them as the centerpiece. Installing ponds and waterfalls can be a great way to add value to… Continue reading