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Hot Tips for Buying CCTV Dome Cameras

Dome cameras have become the most popular security camera type for securing both the home and business.  Their ease of mounting, aesthetically pleasing looks, and total flexibility have made them the go to camera type in the surveillance industry.  The… Continue reading

CCTV Now An Important Part Of Home Improvement

In the past “home improvement” was really just thought to about gardening, construction, and decorations.  Home owners really never included anything about technology as part of their overall home improvement strategy.  But today homes are becoming much smarter with the… Continue reading

A Brief Introduction To The Use Of Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Hidden surveillance cameras have been the stuff of espionage tales since the pulp-fiction days. In fact, many fictional modern-detective stereotypes like Batman and James Bond have at one time or the other, employed the use of such gadgetry. The idea… Continue reading

Using Fake Security Cameras is a Great Home Improvement Idea

As with many products today, there are almost always much better prices and selections online, and when it comes to fake security cameras, this is no different.  The online options are very diverse and affordable; in fact, these imitation cameras… Continue reading

Some Things To Know About A Computer Security Camera

You could well be one of the many people today that are opting for a computer security camera to take care of their security needs and even though there are other more expensive as well as efficient systems available on… Continue reading

The Things Cameras Can Do These Days With Digital Camera Video

Recently I purchased a new digital camera made by Kodak and I love the little thing. With the addition of an inexpensive memory expansion I can take up to 1,600 pictures without having to change the memory! It is pretty… Continue reading

Setting up a Digital Security Camera System

Setting up and maintaining a digital security camera system can really be quite simple, as long as you know what you are doing and have patience. The first step is to determine what pieces of security equipment you are going… Continue reading

The Advantages Of Owning A Digital Video Security Camera

If you plan on investing in a security camera system then you may as well do it right from the very start and invest in a digital video security camera system. There are a lot of advantages of a digital… Continue reading

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Using a Dummy Security Camera

We all know what a dummy security camera is – it is a security camera that is made to look just like its real counterpart but which actually is not able to record anything at all. There are both advantages… Continue reading

DVR Security Camera Systems Make Locating Video Easy

For some of the clearest playbacks as well as ease in finding what you are looking for on a surveillance video, DVR security camera systems offer the best. Depending on your individual needs, using multiplexing components, there is really no… Continue reading