CCTV Now An Important Part Of Home Improvement

In the past “home improvement” was really just thought to about gardening, construction, and decorations.  Home owners really never included anything about technology as part of their overall home improvement strategy.  But today homes are becoming much smarter with the inclusion of smart appliances, home automation, automated lighting, controls, home theater, and even CCTV.  Technology in the home has completely changed the home improvement industry forever, and as home owners poor large amounts of money into the technology infrastructure of their homes, they are also starting to realize that CCTV is the best way to protect their investments.

The CCTV industry has come a long way in the past 10 years.  In the past many people thought that installing security cameras at the home was way too costly or too complicated.  Many people felt that CCTV was just made for business security applications.  But today CCTV product manufacturers have made products that are easier to install, easier to maintain, and much simpler to manage.  In fact, CCTV systems have gotten so easy to implement that most home owners can handle the entire installation on their own.  At the end of the day, installing a CCTV system really just means mounting and plugging in devices!  How hard could it really be anyways to run cables, mount a hand full of cameras, and turn on a security DVR?  Overtime home owners have added CCTV systems to their home improvement strategy because they feel that having live recorded video may be the most effective way to not only secure their assets, but also protect their family members.

A CCTV system is really just a handful of devices and components attached together.  Security cameras can be mounted inside and outside the home, pointed at the most crucial areas of entry.  These critical areas can be entry ways, important rooms where valuables are housed, driveways, property perimeters, and areas where family members may spend most of their time.   It is really up to the home owner to evaluate the areas that are most important to secure.   Security cameras are cabled for using an RG59 coaxial cable and an 18-2 power cable.  The RG59 coax is used to deliver the video the cameras are viewing back to the security DVR where the video is stored so it can be monitored, saved, and downloaded in the case of an event.  So the RG59 coax is ran between the cameras and the security DVR.  The 18-2 power cable is run between the security cameras and the security camera power supply.  The power supply will deliver the required power type and amount to the cameras so they can operate correctly.  The entire system is really just a two wire installation, which means a homeowner will have to evaluate their home and identify the cable pathways to each desired camera location.  Once the cables are installed and the cameras are powered, the security DVR goes to work.

The security DVR is really the brains of the entire system.  It looks and works a lot like a DVR most people use nowadays to record their favorite TV shows.  The security DVR will record all the captured video so it is stored just in case something happens and you need to go back and view it.  The security DVR also allows you to remote view video footage from your office or from any other computer in the world once you install it on a network.  Most of the modern DVR’s will even allow homeowners to connect to them via a smart phone so you can monitor the home right from the palm of their hands.  Once the DVR is in place they can attach a CCTV monitor directly to it, and use the DVR software to manage the cameras, manage the DVR’s features, and monitor the live or recorder video.

The simplicity of implementing a CCTV system has really made home owners flock to the technology and make it an important part of their home improvement planning.  Although many home owners already rely on conventional alarm systems, the reality is that many feel that they are just not enough.   Having actual recorded video has proven to be the most reliable way to not only catch a criminal but also monitor events that could create insurance liabilities.  Plus there is a no question that just the pure presence of security cameras mounted on the outside of a home will cause possible criminals to flee the opposite direction.

If you are including a CCTV system in your home improvement plans the best advice is to take your time, do your research, build a budget, and then implement.  There is no doubt that the presence of a CCTV system will not only protect your family and assets, but also ensure the home improvements you have already made are monitored and secured.

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