Give Your Imagination a Boost with the Sherwin Williams Paint Colors Visualizer

Choosing colors for a room is at least half the fun of a makeover, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. No matter how good of an imagination you have, nothing beats actually seeing the room fully painted. That’s why CertaPro Painters offers an online tool for trying out different Sherwin Williams paint colors.

Meet your new BFF: the Color Visualizer. This simulation program lets you see the very room you want to paint in any hue you choose from a huge collection of colors. No more having to hold up paint chips to your walls and other surfaces to try and imagine what it would look like, and gone are the days of trying out several different colors and shades by painting strips of color on your walls.

The Visualizer makes it easy to try out any combination of the more than 1500 Sherwin Williams paint colors available to you. Just take a photograph of the room you want to paint, making sure the room is well-lit and that you have removed any clutter, accessories and paintings that interfere with the surface fields you’ll be working with online.

The image you use must be a JPEG. Once your photo has been uploaded, the fun begins. Watch the demo tom learn about all that you can do with the Sherwin Williams paint colors.

When you’re ready to begin, first use the Visualizer masking tool to separately define each field that you want to paint, typically the walls, trim and ceiling. The masker is intuitive and easy to use. Just outline each of the fields.

After the surfaces are masked you can start experimenting with the extensive collection of Sherwin Williams paint colors. You already may have an idea of what you want to see, but just having fun and trying different paints you can lead you to find the perfect color scheme.

Try each of the three basic color schemes. Monochromatic schemes are made up of one hue with variations in darkness and lightness (value) and depth of color (saturation). Analogs schemes, which combine no more than three similar colors, add a level of interest. Complementary schemes of opposing colors will give you heightened contrast and you can also use both warm and cool colors.

If you’d like to choose colors based on more than just what you can imagine, give the Color Visualizer a try. You’ll find it on the online on the CertaPro Painters website.

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