Got Grubs In Lawn and What to Do about It?

When you have grubs in lawn, you often wonder what to do about it and how to get rid of these pests.  Even though these pests are only one half inch to three-quarter inch in length, they can do a lot of damage when there are present in large numbers in your lawn. Grubs can completely destroy a lawn in as little as one season. Japanese beetles do an extensive amount of damage in the fall. June and May beetles do an extensive amount of damage during the late spring. If you notice that your lawn is having difficulty, you can figure out why it is having a problem, it is probably a result of having grubs in the lawn.

Most of the time lawn grubs are hard to find. If you happen to notice that you have any, it may be too late to treat them. If you want to prevent these grubs from growing in your lawn, the first thing you need to do is make sure you don’t have any dog poop line around. This can be a favorable place for Japanese beetles to lay their eggs. The next thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a strong and healthy lawn. In this case, the best defense for healthy lawn is a good defense. When you have a healthy lawn, your roots will grow deeper and you may be able to prevent your lawn from sustaining any permanent damage just by having a healthy and well-developed root system. Most of the time when lawns are destroyed by grubs, they are weaker or more unhealthy lawns. The best types of pesticides you can apply to control grubs are insect growth regulators in them which keep the grubs from becoming adults and being able to reproduce.

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