How To Easily Stain Concrete Floors

A great way to improve the look of an ugly concrete floor is by using concrete stain. Using concrete stain is an easy and affordable way to create a whole new look for the entire room. Many people wonder how to stain concrete floors. All it takes is gathering a few supplies and following a few simple instructions. The result will be a beautiful, shiny floor that is worth bragging about.

Before beginning the task, gather the items necessary to protect the skin from the acid that is used in the staining process. Wear clothing that covers all areas of the body. In addition, cover the eyes and mouth as well. Before actually beginning the entire flooring area, test the color on an area that is out of sight. Wait a few hours for the stain to dry, wash off and inspect the results. If the results are acceptable, it is time to begin.

Prepare the floor by vacuuming the area and taping off walls and door frames. Fill in any cracks in the floor before proceeding with the concrete stain. The cracks will still be a visible if they are not filled. Sand the area after the cracks are taken care of. Clean all stains and spots with a wire brush if they are severe. Next, wash the floor thoroughly and vacuum again after it dries. Apply the stain with a sprayer. It is helpful to have a person follow and scrub the solution with a broom. This may leave broom marks, but that can be easily taken care of by adding a second coat.  After the floor dries, clean the entire area again. A mixture of water of baking soda is best to use for this process. Suck up any water with a wet/dry vacuum. Let the floor dry completely. It is best to leave it overnight to ensure it is all the way dry.

The next day, it is important to seal the floor. Be sure to research different sealers and find the best one to meet specific needs. The process of sealing the floor is quite simple. Pouring the sealer in a paint dish and using a roller is the best way to get the job done.  After applying one layer, there will a noticeable difference in the look.  It is important to then add another layer for extra protection.  Let the sealer dry. The package should indicate how long it will take to dry completely.  It is then safe to bring back any furniture or items that need to go in the room.

Staining concrete floors is a simple way to improve the look of the area. It is an easy do-it-yourself project that can be completed in a few short days. It is inexpensive and the results are noticeable immediately. It is also an easy way to protect the flooring. The stain comes in various colors, making it easy to change the look of the room.  Pick of the stain at a local paint or hardware store and begin the project today.

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