How To Keep Mildew From Developing On Your Wet Laundry And On Your Towels

It seems like most people have experienced problems with either mold or mildew in the past.  A lot of times, these problems are caused by our own actions.  For instance, if we play sports, and then come home and leave our clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor, it is no big surprise that a few weeks later, they start to develop mildew.

The best cure is to prevent it from growing.  By taking the time to hang up your tiles and not leave your laundry for more than a day in your washer, you can also prevent mildew from growing.  The nice part is that when you don’t have a lot of mildew in your home, you won’ t get them spread nearly as easily.  Once you have a few spots in your home that have mildew, you will start to notice it appearing a lot more longer all around your home.

If you start to see mildew developing on your laundry, the best type of mildew remover you can use is direct sunlight. By putting your clothing or towels in direct sunlight, it helps to air them out and dry.  This is because  sunlight is very toxic to mold or mildew. Another thing you can do is to just re-wash your laundry with a little bit of bleach in the water.  Bleach is good for mildew removal because it is poisonous to fungus and it kills it all right away.  Make sure that you only use a small concentration of bleach for cleaning.  It should be strong enough to be able to get the job done quickly.  If you’re trying to clean mildew off of a surface that can be damaged by bleach, don’t use bleach.  Rather use rubbing alcohol instead, because it will also kill the fungus without harming most types of material.

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