How to Select the best Fixtures and Fittings – Advice and Guidance

There are many styles of home to choose from nowadays. Many people enjoy living in older homes because of the nostalgia associated with the property. There are homes that are hundreds of years old and many changes have taken place in the home over the years. Subsequent owners have all added their own touch to the decoration and look of the home. There are people who live in ultra-modern homes with all appliances in stainless steel or chrome. More conventional homes are also favored by many and these homes can sometimes be a mix between classic and modern. When it comes to deciding what fixtures and fittings look best in your home it is best to look at the home itself to give the answer. A sleek modern home will not look good with ornate chandeliers. The look of the chandelier would completely clash with the clean minimalist feel of the home. A busy wallpaper pattern should never be installed in modern architecture. It would look out of place and be completely jarring to the eyes.

When choosing the types of fixtures and fittings to get it is a good idea to write down a list of items that are desired. Then walk through the home and get a feel for the look that you are after. If the home has only recently been bought and is still empty it is good to walk around and imagine the finished look that is desired. Looking through home magazines can be very helpful since they usually have a variety of home styles to look at. Very modern and sleek homes should have fixtures that match this style. When it comes to floors this is more flexible since both modern and period homes can look very good with wood floors. The difference is that a lot of older homes have dark wood floors while modern homes look better with a lighter color. Minimalist homes usually do not have carpets and are very spare in furniture. The home is supposed to make a statement and should not be cluttered with too many items. A few well-chosen pieces such as a leather sofa and glass table work well in this type of home. Curtains can spoil the look of a minimalist home and it would look better to have pull-down shades or blinds. Art should be kept to a minimum and it should also match the modern look of the home. These homes look very good with paintings in the style of Picasso.

Period style homes may have been modernized on the inside. If this is the case then modern furniture should be chosen to match the updated look of the property. If a period home has been modernized, the whole house should match this look. It would not be a good idea to have a modern kitchen and an old bathroom in the same house. This would cause an inconsistent feel in the space. Older homes that have been left as they are look much better when fixtures and appliances match the classic look of the home. Oriental carpets often look very good along with brass accents. Lamps can be ornate and furniture quite intricate. Floral patterns look good on the walls and lacy curtains add eye-appeal. Individuals in need of fasteners for fixtures or fittings may wish to check out stainless steel bolts.

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