Importance of Using Protective Overspray

Protective overspray is a conditioner and protector applied to carpets to help them be stain resistant without eliminating the comfort factor of a carpeted floor.  Carpet is a luxury to have in a home and looks beautiful clean and vacuumed.  When a carpet is new, it is easier to remove and repel spills.  It beads at the top similar to a weather resistant rain jacket on a wet day.  Many modern companies will apply a protective overspray to their new carpet, and families and businesses alike appreciate the resistance to stains that the protective overspray provides.

When the protective overspray begins to fade, it’s important that it be reapplied to prevent any major stains from setting in over the long term.  If not, the carpet or rug is easily susceptible to bacteria, mold, and other dirty things you don’t want your child crawling around on.  Some commonly found types of bacteria and mold in carpets without a protective overspray include but are not limited to:

  1. Norovirus – also known as the Norwalk virus can cause a variety of problems such as digestion issues and stomach flu.  The virus can survive 4 – 6 weeks and can become airborne every time a heavy traffic area is walked on or where a lot of dust is.  In addition to protective overspray, regular vacuuming can help prevent the spread of this virus.
  2. Salmonella – not just from bad food, this pathogen can last up to 7 days and can easily be tracked into the home or office by the bottom of shoes.  Salmonella can cause diarrhea, fever and very painful abdominal cramps that can last for 12 – 72 hours after infection.  Pets can also track in salmonella and protective overspray and regular carpet cleaning can help reduce the occurrence.  Never eat anything that has fallen on the ground or carpet – no “five-second rule”!

The above viruses are just two examples of the effects of a dirty carpet.  If you call Rainbow International®, you will be able keep your carpets clean and prevent bacteria and mold.  Being careful and proactive in your home can be the best way to keep sickness to a minimum.  Stay safe, healthy, and keep in touch with your Rainbow International professional who can help keep your home in its best shape – call 888-HANDLED or visit

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