Making Unique Ponds: Duck Ponds

If you are looking to specifically make a duck pond, good luck finding information specifically about making and maintaining duck ponds. Now, if you wanted fish ponds or Zen water ponds, you’d be in luck. There’s more information about them lying about in real life and online than you can shake a pole at. But with unique ponds – ponds made for some purpose rather than the norm of keeping fish or just being a water ornament – there is not a lot of information out there. You really have to hunt for making and maintaining unique ponds like duck ponds.

Unique ponds can bring peace, enjoyment, and fun for the whole family – as well as for the ducks. With the destruction of wetlands and other natural environments ducks need for breeding and feeding, they will greatly appreciate the appearance of a safe haven. And building a pond is less expensive than building an in-ground pool.

Duck And Cover

Once you’ve determined how big and where your duck pond will go, it’s time to dig. You can hired or rent a small back hoe, dig with shovels, or somehow get a big hole in the ground at least three feet deep. Once you have the hole, you need to choose what lining your pond’s base needs. You just can’t pour water into the hole – the ground will just absorb it immediately. Some linings are:

Preformed pond shells: If there is a need, there is a product already made, even if the problem is making unique ponds inviting habitats. In gardening and hardware stores are ready made fiberglass shells in the shape of pools, which usually have a space for you to install a pump for filter. You can place them in your hole and cover the sides with stones. Flexible Brown Pond Liner: These aren’t shells, but flexible rolls of tough material that you can make into any shape. Concrete: If you haven’t worked with concrete before, it is recommended you get some professional help. After it dries, you need to fill your duck pond with water, then empty it and clean the concrete and then fill with water so the concrete is safe.

Before you fill your new duck pond with water and ducks, be sure you have a filter or pump installed. There are even solar powered pumps available. You might need the help of an electrician to hook up the pump. If you keep a power generator for the pump outside, it should be at least five feet away from the water for safety.

Like A Duck To Water

Where to get the ducks? If you want real live ducks, you can wait for wild ducks to discover unique ponds or you can ask your local animal shelter if they have ducks that need to be adopted. Keep in mind that ducks are social animals and you need at least a pair so they can keep themselves company.

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