Sub-Zero Refrigerator-Freezer 700TCI

It’s surprising to know that refrigerators designed by Sub-Zero Preservation can cost you three times as much as any other fridge model from any other brands.  But when you come across with an actual fridge like the 700TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator-Freezer, you wouldn’t have to think about the expensive price tag for long.  A Sub Zero refrigerator freezer like the 700TCI is staggering in terms of design and cooling performance.  Product experts claim this specific model to be ‘priceless’.

The 700TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator-Freezer comprises of a refrigerator top cabinet and two freezer drawers.  The ergonomic design is streamlined to be space-efficient, spanning 27 inches in width (if you prefer a wider Sub-Zero Refrigerator-Freezer then you can always settle down for a 30” 736TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator-Freezer instead).  Like any other integrated fridge model, the 700TCI merges seamlessly into the existing kitchen décor – it’s even possible for a refrigerator not to look like one at all!

Slimmer though this model can be you can have all the flexibility when it comes to food storage and placement – thanks to the various storage features that come with it.  You can even buy Sub zero parts and accessories if you want to spruce up and customize the interiors of your fridge, from drawer components and filter drier to handle and exterior custom designs.

When it comes to the overall design, the 700TCI has fused together all the innovative design elements.  The electronic controls are up front, convenient and easy to use.  The integrated dual refrigeration system makes it easier to store food and items according to the right temperature zone and setting.   Automatic ice maker caters to your ice making needs.  Crispers and deli drawers will make fruits, vegetables and other items fresher and lasting as possible.  Energy Star and Star K Certified, the 700TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator-Freezer will make energy cost much cheaper in the long run.

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