Want to Find Out How Much Your House Painting Job Will Cost? Get a Free Estimate.

Deciding to paint your house comes with a lot of question marks. How long will it take? Will you and your family be stepping around paint buckets and ladders every day? There are plenty of other things you’ll want to know, but the first one you’ll probably want answered is how much a quality house painting will cost.

There are two kinds of house painting estimates: accurate and inaccurate. No doubt you’ll want one that is accurate. No surprises, no hidden costs. To make it easy, CertaPro Painters offers free estimates. Appointments can be scheduled on the CertaPro website, or you can call their toll free phone number.

When house painting estimators come to your home, be prepared to show them where you want to paint and answer some questions; they’ll do the measuring for you. They’ll be looking at your home’s walls or exterior or both, depending on what you want estimated.

For interiors, the estimator will need to see and measure any of the walls you want to be painted. They’ll note what kind of ceiling you have and figure out the size of the painting surface, which will depend on whether the ceiling is pitched or not.

One of the first questions a house painting estimator will ask about your home’s exterior is how long it’s been since it was last painted. Older paint jobs or low-quality paint could have damage that will affect the work ahead.

Measurements will be taken for all the exterior walls. The estimator will note how many stories there are and which of the walls will be painted. The estimator will also take into consideration the kinds of materials used for the exterior walls. The materials, which could be cedar or redwood, clapboard, stucco, or vinyl, for instance, will determine what kind of primer and paint will be used.

Besides measurements, there are other particulars important to the estimate, including the number and types of windows. The kinds of windows the estimator looks for are roofing dormers (windows that protrude from a sloped roof), pane windows and panes per each, and bay windows. Shutters that need to be painted will also be counted. The number of doors to be painted will be counted, and whether they feature windows and, if they do, how many. The estimator will also look at things like overhangs, stairs, posts and porches.

To schedule a free estimate, fill out the appointment request on the CertaPro website and a representative will contact you shortly after. You can also call toll-free (800) 689-7271 from 8 a.m. until midnight EST and 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. PST.

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