Who’s Afraid of Kitchen Renovation Ideas?

A friend and her family of 4 kids had moved into an imposing Victorian-styled late 19th century home and for the first year that they had been staying there, the homeowner did not touch nor change a single thing. All her friends thought that maybe the homeowner liked the charm and beauty of the old house too much that she didn’t want to change it. But at a small party when the homeowner and her friends gathered at the old kitchen, it dawned on them (and the homeowner admitted it) that the woman was terrified about coming up with kitchen renovation ideas and implementing them.

The homeowner was just too intimidated by the age of the house. The kitchen clearly needed a lot of work and right there and there, all her friends (one of whom was a decorator and building contractor) pitched in to come up with an appropriate set of kitchen renovation ideas.

Fear-Free Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Homeowners have this perception that old houses are especially difficult to renovate because of their age, but this is not entirely true. Whether the house is old or new, a kitchen renovation almost always turns out be very cost effective in the sense that renovation, not restoration (unless you have the cash), can effectively marry old elements with new ones. Kitchen renovation ideas for old homes can be planned in such a way that your new stainless steel refrigerator can be in the same kitchen as an old wood-burning stove.

The key to effective kitchen renovation ideas is in the planning and this is applicable to any kind of home, whether new or old.

First on the list of sound kitchen renovation ideas is costing. You seriously cannot attempt a substantial renovation unless you have substantial financial backing. But take heart in the fact that you can cut costs in some areas without sacrificing over-all quality. Remember to reserve your cash for design, labor costs and fixtures because these are the major components that make up a tip-top kitchen. As much as possible, keep changes within the layout and avoid structural changes that would inevitably cost more.

But if you must change something structural, get a builder who can work with a tight budget. See if such structural changes such as the addition of a divider (or the removal of one), a seat-window or a skylight will work for your kitchen; these structural alterations are easy and will cost relatively less.

Smart kitchen renovation ideas always consider the dirty-parts and it is always sound thinking to see if your plumbing, heating and electrical requirements are in good shape. There are aesthetically pleasing kitchens which may be pretty to look at, but are revealed behind their walls to be fire-hazards or energy-monsters. In old houses, these may be the first areas that need immediate attention. Current trends in plumbing include environmentally friendly systems and fittings if you’re the type who has recycling and resource-saving tendencies.

Countertops, cabinets and flooring have the important task of providing a kitchen’s look, but again, if you’re concerned about too much cost, you can save tons of money by being a smart buyer. There are many materials today that are just as durable and pretty as marble or granite and would do just as well. Buy stock cabinets instead of custom-fitted ones, laminates and certain stone tiles that are inexpensive but have caught the attention of designers for being chic and trendy.


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